A comprehensive approach that brings wider sustainability to the existing buildings going beyond smart technologies and sensoring to improve energy operations and efficiency but also includes the fabric of the building in a circular re use programme to further reduce the carbon foot print by using principles of circularity.

Circular Smart Building as a Service (CSBaaS) includes:

  • Energy Supply Service deploying our Energy as a Service (EaaS) approach: the design, installation, operation and maintenance of an efficient thermal energy plant room in a building that is effectively outsourced.
  • Enhanced Building Monitoring The addition of hardware and software elements for further control and monitoring of lighting and fabric of the refurbished building.
  • Circular Materials as a Service(CMaaS): Reversible building designed using circularity criteria for reusing the materials creating a Renovation cycle.

The refurbishment using the Circular Materials as a Service (CMaaS) program again requires no capital investment from our clients as Quimera Energy Sustainability Division will finance the entire project which will consists of:

QESD finances the buildings refurbishment using:

  •   Circularity criteria using reversible & modular design
  •   Material circular passport to assure the reuse of the material after the cycle.
  •   Impact assessment & Circular Cycle Assessment
  •   Effectively Leasing the materials to the Client
  •  Increasing the value of the Real Estate Asset