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Quimera, partner in defining ESCO project in health-care park

Quimera, company providing sustainability solutions, participates in execution of an energetic study for the Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili in Barcelona.

Quimera is working with the consortium that won the public tender, constituted by Zoroa Consultores, Inerpro and Apler, all companies specialized in energetic efficiency.

The study, started at the beginning of July 2012, is only the first step of a more extensive Energy Efficiency Project that examines all the facilities located in the park. The objectives of the study are mainly two; a business plan of the energetic and technical infrastructures in the park, and second, the technical specifications definition in order to contract a ESCO – Energy Service COmpany.

The ESCO acts as investor in the project execution, where the client (here the Catalonian health-care park) will be able to undertake the project without internal financial resources, however will share part of the future savings coming from lower energy consumption costs.

About Quimera. Quimera started its activity in 2009 and during these first three years has gained an extensive knowledge and experience in innovative sustainable technologies and how to introduce them into corporations and cities.

Initially, Quimera worked in sustainable mobility where it is a world leader specialist developing different projects worldwide, especially in China and Europe. As an example, Quimera has developed several electric vehicle prototypes and has established a close partnership with Altran (Europe largest engineering firm).

Since 2011, Quimera incorporated its Energy division specialized in developing energy efficiency projects enabling cost reductions and promoting distributed energy systems through renewable energy technologies. Since then, Quimera is closely working in different sectors like tourism, brewery and food.

This project at Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili in Barcelona represents a first milestone for Quimera in the ESCO business, a sector in which Spain is still in the early stages. Currently, Quimera is collaborating strongly to develop others ESCO projects, as these are effective tools that let companies introduce innovative energy-efficient technologies without having to outlay any upfront investments.