October 3, 2020

Quimera Energy Efficiency (QEE) Global Leader in Smart Building Technology and Energy Efficiency has been nominated as a finalist in the prestigious International Smart Building Innovation Awards 2020, awarded each year by Independent research firm, Verdantix.

QEE has been named a finalist in the Transport & Leisure category for its Energy Efficiency program delivered at Rixos the Palm Hotel and Suites in Dubai where QEE has deployed its acclaimed “Monitor & Save” Energy Efficiency Scheme. Since the QEE program was implemented, Rixos the Palm Hotel and Suites has saved 1.8 Million KWhs of energy consumption and reduced Co2 emissions by 800 tonnes.

Rixos the Palm Dubai Hotel and Suites is a luxury resort situated on the iconic Palm Jumeriah and is part of the globally renowned Accor Group. The resort has been able to take advantage of QEE’s most advanced Machine Learning (MI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs, all of which have been delivered to the property at zero cost to the operators, as part of QEE’s shared saving scheme.

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Headquartered in the UK and with wholly owned operations across the UAE, Caribbean and China, Quimera Energy Efficiency was ranked earlier this year by the Financial Times as one the 1,000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe. Quimera Energy Efficiency has progressively built a global reputation for the quality of its machine learning software for facilities management and innovations such as its ‘Monitor & Save’ that deliver performance-based savings to clients. More details at