September 20, 2020
Financial Times

Quimera Energy the UK based Smart Building Energy Efficiency Company has been recognised by the Financial Times in its Fourth Annual Survey of the Fastest Growing Companies in Europe published in March 2020.

The Financial Times (FT) ranked Quimera Energy as number 508 out of the Top 1,000  Fastest Growing Companies Europe.

The FT survey went on to point out the particular challenge’s facing companies in 2020:

companies across the continent face an array of hurdles to growth this year, ranging from a lacklustre economic outlook in several countries to the uncertainties caused by Brexit trade negotiations and risks stemming from the global spread of coronavirus.

 Yet the ever-greater pace of growth on this annual FT 1000 ranking — now in its fourth year — suggests that the most nimble and innovative companies are thriving.

 The FT 1000, compiled with Statista, a research company, lists the European companies that achieved the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue between 2015 and 2018.

Competition is even tougher at the top this year, with companies requiring a minimum growth rate of 38.4 per cent to make the list, compared with 37.7 per cent last year”. 

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Quimera adds the recognition from the FT to it’s status as an Export Champion awarded by the Department for International Trade in the UK and it’s recent accreditation as approved supplier to the UK Governments Commercial Crown Estates.