Quimera Energy enters Turkish market with Wyndham Hotel Group

Quimera Energy continues expanding by marking Istanbul as a new location of operations and starts collaborating with the hospitality leader, Wyndham Hotel Group. Quimera Energy has recently set foot in Turkey and now delivers its IoT-based unprecedented energy efficiency methodology to the Istanbul hospitality sector. One of the initial clients in the region who has begun to utilise QE’s service ¨Monitor&Save¨ is the world-leading Wyndham Hotel Group.

The QE team will apply its expertise in one of the Ramada hotels in Istanbul through the ¨Monitor&Save¨ methodology, which optimises energy usage and provides a real time cloud-based energy monitoring system. Its innovative business model is based on a ¨No Savings – No fees¨ approach, where QE’s revenue comes exclusively from hotels’ reduced utility consumption, which in turn makes the service absolutely risk-free.

About Wyndham Hotel Group. As one of the world’s largest hotel companies with 7,800 properties in 72 countries, Wyndham Hotel Group maintains a portfolio of 55 brands with offerings ranging from economy to high end luxury such as Wyndham Grand, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts and Ramada Worldwide.

About Quimera Energy.Quimera Energy (QE) adopts a retro-commissioning approach to energy efficiency, focusing on generating energy savings and minimising emissions and carbon footprint by implementing IoT related solutions. QE’s proven methodology in reducing energy consumption has been recognised by the biggest players of the global hospitality industry and is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide.