Quimera Energy Efficiency announces its partnership with Wisestate

With technology developing at such a rapid pace, QEE is proud to be in the partnership with technological leader Wisestate, that has recently come to the global IoT market.

Wisestate brings ground-breaking technology and has been created to help building managers to make the most of this technological transformation and turn their properties into intelligent ecosystems of interconnected machines while staying one-step ahead of increasing costs. Based on the Internet of Things and Machine learning technologies, QEE under the partnership with Wisestate, offers solutions from the whole building’s operations sensitisation and control to HVAC operations automation and predictive software.

Wisestate supports QEE’s operations to help clients achieve even higher energy savings while still applying QEE’s knowledge and experience. Combination of intelligence, monitoring & control and human resources helps to achieve maximum energy and operational efficiency while maintaining absolute guest comfort.

QEE’s model has proven to be successful around the globe with the operations in the Middle East, Europe, China, India and the Caribbean area. QEE together with technological leader Wisestate will continue its expansion by working with existing clients, adding new partnerships and providing leading-edge technology and expertise needed to help clients reach maximum energy savings. To date, Wisestate supports QEE’s projects at world known Hyatt Hotels Corporation and Melia Hotels and in the near future, QEE together with its technological partner will launch a new project in the Caribbean region. In this manner QEE can deploy its unprecedented expertise and innovative solutions to optimise the hotel industry’s energy usage, to reduce its cost base and deliver a reduction in global emissions.

Quimera Energy Efficiency provides energy efficiency programs that reduce energy consumption with no required investment from clients. These unique programs focus on the development of intelligent building automation, derived from the Internet of Things platform, which allows for a greater level of optimisation, higher savings and as a result, reduced operational costs.