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Quimera Energy includes GreenLeaders in its Diagnostic Tool

Tripadvisor, world´s largest travel site, launched an GreenLeaders initiative in spring ’14, which recognises hotels engagement in environmentally friendly practices.

Quimera has recently included this new program in its Sustainability Diagnostic Tool, that promptly provides the degree of compliance of the hotel that is benchmarked with the most recognized Sustainable Tourism certifications, while proposing best practices to increase scoring with no (or very little) expenditure.

The Sustainability Diagnostic services are established on a base of principles of sustainability and provide a positioning tool that enables differentiation in an increasingly mature market. This service is part of Quimera’s Hotels Sustainability Solutions (HSS), a portfolio of services provided by Quimera that facilitates companies in the Hotel Industry to move towards sustainability while reducing energy expenditure. In other words, with HSS Quimera provides guidance and a clear vision to the companies on how to approach to sustainability paradigm, taking advantage of the benefits of a quality positioning.

During the last three years, HSS services are being successfully deployed in a number of establishments around Europe and will be expanding its activity to the Middle East in the next months. Several hotel chains like Melia Hotels International (formerly Melia), Hip Hotels, Hoteles Catalonia or Expohoteles have experienced the benefits of the sustainability best practices deployed under HSS services and methodology. ESCO approaches, carbon footprint services, energy expenditure reduction services (Monitor & Save) are a few examples of the subjects covered in the HSS catalog and successfully developed in this hotel chains.

About Quimera Energy. Quimera is an international company that provides its clients with sustainable solutions in the field of energy and mobility. Quimera was founded in 2009 and has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the sustainability and innovative technologies introducing them to businesses and cities. Quimera initially began working specifically in Sustainable Mobility projects, positioning them as one of the world’s leading specialists in the field. To date, Quimera has developed several electric vehicles prototypes and established a fruitful partnership with Altran, Europe’s largest engineering company. Since 2011, the company has launched its Energy division, specialising in the development of Energy Efficiency projects focusing on reducing costs and promoting distributed energy systems using sustainable technologies. Quimera has recently branched into alternative sectors such as Tourism and Food & Beverage.